What’s On Your RADAR?

What's On Your RADAR?

Aisha KianiHSS - Room 25

Reconciliation, Allyship, Diversity, and Anti-Racism - What is our teaching relationship with these social justice frameworks, and how does this influence our literacy, testing, and broader curriculum decisions?

Aisha Kiani (they/she) is a literary curator, artist, writer, DEI consultant, and education designer who’s current work is focused on the stories we tell in public learning spaces: schools, arts and culture spaces, and public service spaces like libraries, medical wellness spaces, and safety enforcement. They are the founder of I Dream Library, and designer of the RADAR Equity Evaluation Rubric™. Currently in its 3rd adaptation, this tool supports: K-12 educators, post-secondary, and organizations.

Fri 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
25 max
intermediate, primary, secondary