Stsepetkwll, “Legends That Teach;” A foray Into the Words of the Ancestors and How They Can Teach Us to Teach.

Stsepetkwll, "Legends That Teach;" A foray Into the Words of the Ancestors and How They Can Teach Us to Teach.

Kenthen Thomas

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Storytelling and Teaching go together.

Kenthen is a descendent of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) and Silyx (Okanangan) Nations within the Southern Interior of BC. Twenty-five years ago he was involved in some theatre both in the community of Salmon Arm and in the high school. It was here Kenthen developed a passion for the arts. However, Kenthen was given an opportunity to perform in a play at the Quaaout Lodge and Resort. This play focused on the Stepetkwll (Legends That Teach) of the Secwepemc Peoples. At the time Kenthen could not realize the capacity of the gift that he was being given. A gift that has led him into teaching and that has stayed with him for twenty-five years.

This gift is not only a passion or a desire to perform. This gift is a strong teaching tool for Kenthen as a teacher and personally. The stories provide lessons that can be learned and encompass the "First peoples Principles of Learning," and the Core Curricular Competencies. They can lead as a hook to begin a lesson or unit and they can also be utilized at the end. The stories can also be the lesson themselves as they are extremely strong teaching tools that can be both educational and fun.

Personally, the Stories have taught Kenthen to be more respectful and mindful of how he behaves. They have given him the passion to eventually become a teacher. He has performed the stories all over British Columbia, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Vienna to name a few. He is also so grateful that the stories are in his life as a teaching tool for him professionally and personally.

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