SD78 Indigenous Education Orange Shirt Day Curriculum Project

SD78 Indigenous Education Orange Shirt Day Curriculum Project

Wil A. Watchorn & Jason ReeveHSS - Room 21

We will be reviewing the materials developed over the summer of 2022 for SD78 staff. These materials were created specifically to offer some new lenses through which to examine Phyllis Webstad's Orange Shirt Story. We will walk through the materials and how we developed them so that teachers will be able to adapt the materials and the processes to their classrooms as they see fit. This is an opportunity for educators to learn ways of teaching students of different ages about Orange Shirt Day.

Wil only recently began teaching after a career in social services. He is raising his children in Harrison Hot Springs and pursues an eclectic mix of pastimes.

Jason grew up in Victoria, B.C., and completed his education degree at UFV. He began his teaching career overseas, and joined SD78 in 2019. Since joining the district, Jason has taught a number of different courses, and participates in Fraser-Cascade's Indigenous Education Curriculum Development programming, in addition to supporting aboriginal youth through an after-school tutoring program on Seabird Island. An advocate for all learners, Jason works as a district Inclusive Education teacher, and is currently based at Hope Secondary School.

Fri 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
25 max
Indigenous, intermediate, primary, secondary