I am One: Weaving together social-emotional learning, resilience, and literacy

I am One: Weaving together social-emotional learning, resilience, and literacy

Michelann Parr

Workshop Link: https://ca01web.zoom.us/j/69613511454?pwd=TnMrcnpWaCtCR3BPWllydTNJV1g5UT09

This is a repeat of the same workshop in the morning.

How can we, as educators, promote social-emotional well-being, resilience, and self-awareness through our pedagogical choices and intentions? How can children’s literature support our exploration of self, others, and all of creation in non-threatening, low-risk, yet practical ways that meet the needs of all learners? Using a four-frame approach to social-emotional learning, resilience, and well-being that is overlaid with the seven sacred teachings, this workshop promises conversation, hands-on, and experiential learning through doing, making the link between our personal well-being and that of our students. Participants will be provided two picture books to support their work in the classroom with students: “Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox” by Danielle Daniel and “I am Peace” by Susan Verde.

Michelann Parr is Professor in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University interested in the ever-expanding fields of literacy, educational sustainability, and the ways in which we construct and enact identity... . She holds a BA, BEd, and MEd from Nipissing University; her PhD work was completed at McGill University. As the first-born Italian granddaughter of immigrants, she learned how the world worked in a large extended family and consistently had maternal models to guide her through childhood, support her through the successes and struggles of being mom to three, and celebrate the wondrous moments of being nana to two healthy grandkids. In the spaces between actively and intensively parenting and grandparenting, Parr is the outgoing Elizabeth Thorn Chair in Literacy, focusing on literacy-based community outreach and family engagement; she also teaches and supervises at the graduate level. A recent co-editor and contributor to Writing Mothers: Narrative Acts of Care, Redemption, and Transformation (2020).

Delivery: Zoom

Fri 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
30 max
Hands on, Literature, primary, Resilience, Storytelling, Writing